ADULTS TAKE KARATE? not me, I could never do that, right?

No I can't do karate

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Many times life's challenges appear to be impossible.

False Evidence Appearing Real

             =  F E A R

I can see clearly

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  Sure there are pebbles and rocks, pull on your boots, grab a friend and keep moving forward. Need a friend I am Sensei and there is hope, you will find me at the Dojo training folks just like you.  Get a clear thought, you are in control (or will be).  Live in noblesville stop by and talk to us about your concerns, we can fix them together.               

Our Approach

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 If you have highly skilled instructors guiding you every step along the way!  Each class watching, training, encouraging, leading you to the next level.  Can learning self defense be that hard?


Karate in noblesville

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When was the last time you got fired up about something, anything!

      Are you going to get self defence skills from facebook, youtube, or the armchair?  Are you a nurse, teacher, travel for business, ever take a vacation, get out of work late at night?  Need skills, we will give you effective skills, to protect yourself, and family.  Want a great way to get in shape Karate is good, but with friends it's even better, you push them they push you we all get stronger, a little exercise, a little laughter.  Then we rock the house, some bag work, kicks, punches, elbows, and knees that's training. With our highly motivated instructors, you will:

* Get the skills to protect yourself and your loved ones!

* Get stress-melting confidence, and mental sharpness!

* Start moving, cardio,coordination and strength.  One    step at a time, these are going to benefit to your work   and your hobbies.

* Start having some fun, life is ment to be enjoyed!!

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      Our karate training is different, it is designed for each individual person.  Each forward step gain a new level of inner strength.  When you respect yourself and will defend yourself, your friends and co-workers will see that strong, confident, you know, a new you!  A whole new world will open up for you.  People will treat you with respect and talk to you not at you, your gonna like how that feels!

* They can't "kick" you if you don't..."lay down"

* When you get knocked down 7 times...get up 8

* This is our motto "Champions never give up"   

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We are ready...come and join our Karate family!

   There are 1000s of excuses and distractions. How about 2 reasons to join American Blackbelt Karate will they be enough?

  1. Are you worth it?  No...Yes? 
  2. Your Family...enough said 

  p.s.  you don't have to smash bricks :)

you can smash this button