Karate confidence for youth 7-12

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   When your kids go to your friends house do the parents rave about YOUR children and their manners, and how well your children listen.  Why are they amazed when your child follows the rules.  Your turn, kids at your house.  Are you worried about your furniture, walls, and smaller children or pets?      
  Your children are well behavied, is there anywhere you can't take them?  Hmmm maybe your friends should have their kids with American Blackbelt like you do, you should give them a free week of karate lessons, and now YOU will be the HERO! 

Happy confident kids = better grades

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   A strong mind and a strong body are #1, like the  foundation of a pyramid.  Strong minds and strong bodies to go together.  A healthy lifestyle, and self confidence is the best self defense against peer pressure and bullies.  They will set small goals, which leads to bigger goals, and this will lead to self reliance.  As your child performs better at the Dojo, so will their daily life at home, and in school.                                    

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*Convenient weekly schedule 

*We give positive motivation

*Raise your childs confidence

*We like for them to set goals, this gives kids a sense of achievement   

*When they reach a their goal, it's powerful!! you can even see it. 

*We teach self defens skills, and the power of making good choices 

*Friends to grow with in noblesville 

Our core beliefs...

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    To become a strong person and good leader you must have qualitys, these set you apart from others.  We develop all of our students by holding them accountable to these attributes.
Honesty  Integrity  Courage

Dependability  Leadership Determination  Thinking 

and Resorcefullness       
With Noblesville's American Blackbelt Karate this is how we will develop our future leaders 

Our mission statement

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Karate begins and ends with 


I am responsible for my      
All actions have   
There is no excuse for         


Have and make friends

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  When you were a kid, were you shy meeting new people?  Did anyone help? When your kids first start they won't know anyone.  We will show several ways to meet and greet other kids!  Our karate kids are well rounded, with plenty of friends and they will make new ones easily.  What a head start to building confidence!

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