Its a Party Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!

With us this is the party you get!!!


The kids having a great time; prizes, cake, pizza, juice, and fun games.  You are the BEST mom ever whoop whoop!

                                 Or maybe you want some of THIS!                        

This is how it all starts


       Party Preperation              

   Clean house before                              2.5 hrs

   Drive to get cake                                  1.0 hrs

  Get presents                                         2.5hrs

  Get favors for kids                               1.5hrs

    Forgot to order cake                           Aaaahh

  Blow up ballons                                   30min

      Out of breath from ballons                15min     

Party time                                              2hrs 

  Parents forgot to pick up on time     20min 

       Ok were up to                    total  10hr 35min             There's more but I think your getting the picture!

Oops...did you forget this part


   A 5 minute call...we do it all setup to clean up.  All you do is kick back watch, and talk to the other parents.  Who is the BEST MOM ever!  You bring your own cake we get delicious pizza from Marco's with your kids favorite toppings and we serve juice pouches for the kids, (cuts down on spillage). At the end a special prize is presented to the birthday kid from Sensei with all the other kids. The package up to 10 kids + Birthday person. Extra kids no problem there is a $15 per child charge. 

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