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youth 3-6 Little Ninja and Little Dragons

Great goals for great kids!

      At this early age your child is about to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, this is the most important time of a childs life, the foundation. The earlier we show them a healthy "I can do this" attitude, and a positive social structure, their confidence will really grow.  Here are some of the benefits that await your child with American Blackbelt   

  • Social Skills: Your child will have friends on the first class, and will want to be a friend, then we show them how to work together as a team.               
  • Focus and Coordination: Instead of running into the wall or door they learn to watch where they are   going, and to know their right from left are good goals. How can they listen instead of interupt you!
  • Handling Frustration: No one likes to lose, does your child act out when they lose?  We will show them how to deal with emotions, through games that motivate and reward positive attitude.  
  • Self-Reliance: By reaching smaller goals in class, your child gains the confidence that they can be  successful and achieve more, this is the "I can do it" attitude you are looking for!
  • Ages 3-4 yr old are Little Ninja, and 5-6yr old are Little Dragons: We have 6 days per week to choose from.
  • We are confident:  As a parent you will like what you see, and hear.  Set up an appointment now.                                                                                                                       

How to start

1.  Well click the button below for a free week, and fill out the contact info.

2.  As soon as we get the email you will get a call from us with a couple questions  and a schedule of classes.

3.  Come to the dojo at your 

scheduled appointment sit 

back in our comfortable couch and watch your child have fun and grow.

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